Keep Your Cool!

I don't know about you, but I have been reaaallly struggling with this heat we’ve had.  I used to love heat, which is a good thing as I lived in Africa for 5 years, but post 3 children my body has called time on hot weather worshipping for me.


It has reminded me of the summer I was heavily pregnant with my second daughter.  The sun blazed from The end of May until the day in August that I gave birth to her when it cooled off.  I recall having zero energy to do anything, and just sitting outside with copious amounts of water, watching my eldest play.  Thankfully, she was very happy to entertain herself for hours on end in the garden.  


Back then, I had no knowledge that something like this Cool It Mama!  spray from the Natural Birthing Company existed, although they launched the same year my second daughter was born.  I have been making good use of it this summer though!  It hangs out in my bag and whenever I need a quick cool down, I bring it out and give myself a mist.  The husband has also been known to use it!

Sacred Beginning's Sarah Marsden photographs products for the Natural Birthing Company.


So how can it help you?  If you’re pregnant it can obviously if you’re feeling hot, but if you have swollen puffy ankles near the end of pregnancy or tired and restless legs, this is a great little bottle of goodness to have hanging around.  It can also help with nausea and mood swings, and in labour itself it can be used to keep you cool but also works well in conjunction with hypnobirthing as a familiar and calming smell.  


This spritz isn’t just for pregnant women, oh no!  Anyone going through the menopause may find benefit from it as well or someone travelling abroad to hot climates.  People who are feeling stressed could also find this helpful as well as anyone who may suffer with fibromyalgia.  


What’s in it that makes it so wonderful?  I’m glad you asked; let’s take a look.


Sacred Beginnings Birth Services uses their photography skills while working alongside the Natural Birthing Company in Nottinghamshire



First up we’ve got Neroli.  This essential oil is distilled from the little white blossoms of the bitter orange tree (and yet they’re so sweet in their scent).  It is great for helping to relax and calm, so this ingredient comes in handy for things like insomnia, anxiety, headaches etc.


Next in line is Ylang Ylang.  This essential oil comes from the yellow flowers of the Cananga tree.  it is relaxing, calming and uplifting.  it goes to work on low mood and anger and it’s also an aphrodisiac!  


Third in our line up of ingredients is one of my favourite essential oils, Bergamot.  Bergamot is a citrus fruit and the essential oil is extracted from the rind of the fruit.  This lovely oil uplifts and refreshes.  It’s great if you’re feeling irritable, tired or stressed, and it also has deodorising properties.  


Next we have grapefruit, and I think we all know about grapefruits from our trips to the supermarket.  I can’t eat one as it is far too bitter for me, but grapefruit comes in super helpful in this cooling spritz. It has diuretic properties and is very refreshing.  It is great for water retention, lack of energy and headaches.  


And lastly there is menthol:  Menthol cools and refreshes and is great for helping with hot flushes and tiredness.  It leaves a lovely cooling sensation on your body when you using this spritz.  



As you can see, it’s a great little spray to have in your handbag or birth bag/box as many people tend to get rather hot giving birth.  If you feel like you would like to give this cooling spritz a try, head on over to the Natural Birthing Company’s online shop.  But before you do, make sure you’ve got the code below for a very handy little discount.  Happy shopping!  


Sacred Beginnings Birth Services in Nottinghamshire works to promote natural birth products for her doula clients.