Mizan Therapy

Sarah Marsden received her certificate to be a Mizan Therapy Practitioner for the East Midlands

What on Earth is Mizan Therapy…

Our bodies are designed to work in balance. The fancy term for this is homeostasis. When our bodies are out of balance, disease, illness, inflammation etc can creep in. Even a traumatic or stressful event can be enough to alter the balance of our finely tuned systems.

Mizan Therapy is a reproductive massage technique that aims to work with your body to restore balance and remind your body to heal the areas that need healing.  This could be a physical, emotional or spiritual upset that needs some attention.

This is done by using traditional healing techniques via a gentle external massage to address the issues whether they be reproductive, digestive or emotional.

Who can benefit from Mizan Therapy?

Young or old male or female, with few exceptions, pretty much anyone can benefit from Mizan Therapy. If you are pregnant, I have also completed the additional pregnancy and post-partum training to be able to continue treatments throughout the duration of your pregnany, or why not begin during your pregnancy?

What conditions might be helped by Mizan Therapy?

We as practitioners cannot claim to cure or diagnose any ailment, but people with the following conditions may find improvement in their symptoms and benefit from treatment:

Fertility Issues 





Painful/heavy menstruation

Irregular cycles

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Emotional trauma



Pregnancy Nausea

Baby Positioning

Urinary Issues

Low Energy etc

But How Does It Help?

In General:

Increases blood flow to the reproductive organs to help promote hormonal balance.

Increases circulation and flow of blood, lymphatic and nervous system

Helps to reposition a misaligned womb

Helps to clear out any toxic build up in the body

Improves the function of the digestive system

Aids women in becoming more aware of their reproductive system and how it functions.

What does a treatment consist of?  

Please allow up to 3 hours for the initial consultation as this includes going through your intake form, the massage and teaching you some self-care techniques.

The massage involves time spent on a massage table lying both on your back and on your front while receiving the treatment. Please ensure that you are wearing clothes that you don’t mind getting some oil on.

Follow up treatments will take between 60-90 minutes.  

A range of botanicals can be purchased as well to aid your body in regaining balance.  

How much does it cost?   

Initial Consultation:

Follow Up Treatments:

Series of 3 treatments booked and paid for up front: 

Series of 6 treatments booked and paid for up front: