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Mum holds baby after the birth of her newborn a picture taken by Birth Photographer Sarah Marsden of Sacred Beginnings Birth Services in a home birth near Nottinghamshire UK.


“In giving birth to your babies, we may find that we give birth to new possibilities within ourselves.”
-Jon Kabat-Zinn

Giving birth is one of the biggest days in our lives and that of the baby we are giving birth to.  It forever changes us in ways we can only imagine beforehand, and it takes us to heights of joy and depths of love we couldn’t even fathom until that moment.  We dig deep into reserves of strength and perseverance we may not even have known we possessed.  

It is an experience that we relive in our minds often, but sometimes the clarity of details may fade or may even go unnoticed in the beautiful chaos that is birth.  Just as we like to have a record of our wedding day with albums and films so that we can go back and visit again and again, it is just as vital to have a record of the birth story of our children, and this is where I can help you to do just that.

Every baby comes into the world with its own story of arrival.  Each one is unique and different from the rest.  And every one of those stories forever alters the family dynamics.  Through beautiful films and fine art albums, I can help to document this story that can be retold year and year.  Imagine starting a birthday celebration each year with the tradition of flipping through the album or watching the film and celebrating each child’s unique love story.  Imagine giving your child the gift of a sense of belonging and being valued and appreciated.  Imagine seeing yourself in all your glory and power and recalling the dreams and new possibilities that were also brought to life in you because of that moment.  Imagine the boost of oxytocin to your system as you recall how small and helpless they were when they entered the world and how far they have come since that life altering day.  

So, what are you waiting for?  Such a day is too important to be allowed to fade into the oblivion of your mind’s corridors, and I am so excited and honoured to be able to help you preserve it in clarity and capture the essence of love in your story.  If you’re living in the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire area, get in touch today, and we can ensure that your baby’s journey into the world is forever celebrated in a tangible way.



Fresh 48 Photography

Newborn tucked into mum's arm during a Fresh 48 Photography session by Sarah Marsden of Sacred Beginnings Birth Services at a hospital birth near Derbyshire, UK.

Because they don't stay this little for long

The sticking out tufts and fuzz of hair, the tiny perfection of those fingers and toes, the sweetness of their tender cries, the way they snuggle in and fit so perfectly in your arms.  These are but fleeting moments in the all too short period of babyhood.  These are the moments we long to go back to; to be able to see that newborn hair whorl, to remind ourselves of what it was like to hold them close as they fell asleep on our chest to hear those brand new cries as they begin to find their place is this big old world.  

As a mother, I wish I had images and films to go back to with my older children to remind myself of where they began and how far they’ve come.  I look at them now, and I struggle to remember them ever being so small and vulnerable.  Did they have ear fuzz when first born?  What did their cry sound like?  Did they like to keep their hands up by their face while sleeping? The memories get a little hazy as time marches on.  Because of this, I want to ensure that other families have tangible mementos of this brief but profound period of time. 

Through hand crafted images and films, I can help you to document those swiftly fading newborn days, and transport your mind back to a time when they were oh so brand new and your world was touched and turned upside down for the better by their sweet presence.   I will come and spend 30-45 minutes with you within the first 24-72 hours to document the essence of your brand new arrival either through images or films.  I know from experience that even within this small time frame, babies change and take on a completely different look to when they first came earth side.  

These are the moments to capture; raw, tender, powerful.  NOW is the time to capture them because they don't stay this little for long.

I am also available for longer in-home newborn documentary sessions to capture more of the daily routine and interaction around life in the first few weeks with a newborn.  

Want to ensure you have a wealth of memories from that first year?  Why not book a Watch Me Grow Package and preserve snapshots throughout the year.


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