Sarah Marsden, a local Nottinghamshire doula and photographer, enjoys photographing fireworks to celebrate the beginnings of the new year.

January is

a clean white sheet, newly-ironed;

an empty page;

a field of freshly-fallen snow

waiting to be mapped

by our footsteps.

-John Foster

I cannot believe that we are already 7 days into 2019.  Time just flies by.

I have spent so much time reflecting on 2018.  My heart is so full and thankful for all the families I got to work with and for all the ways my business grew and altered.   My really big change for 2018 was that I was finally able to officially add doula services at the beginning of last year after 6 years of planning, preparing and waiting for the right opportunity to do so.   I also took some time skilling up in doula areas afterwards to bring even more value to my clients antenatal visits. 

It truly was a wonderful year.  I am humbled and grateful for every doula client, every photography client, every woman’s bones that I was able to close and every placenta I was able to encapsulate.  None of it would have been possible without my lovely clients trust and faith in me.  It has been an absolute honour to be invited along on your journey to play a role however large or small. Thank you for choosing me to be the one to work with you.  

2019 is bringing with it some more new and exciting changes.  I am really looking forward to the upcoming 12 months and everything it will bring my way.  I cannot wait to share with you the new things I have in store as the year progresses, and I am super excited about all the families I will get to work with as well.  If you aren’t yet one of them, then let’s chat.  I’d so love to work with you. <3