Be In The Photo

Do you ever look back at photos and find that you aren't in them?  You have loads of the rest of your family doing lots of wonderful things, but you yourself aren't in them?  Life is busy, you're trying your best to capture it all but no one is capturing you?  


This was our family photos.  I'm always the one chasing the action and documenting the moments, but photos of me WITH my children were rare.  I started to wonder how they would feel when they grew up and looked through the albums and I was never in them.  Would they think I didn't want to be in photos with them?  Would they think I was too busy to be in photos with them?  What about when I was no longer here, and they were trying to remember me but that memory started to fade because there were no images to look back on?  Would they be left wishing they remember my smile, but there is a vacant spot in the images where should be?  Would they wish they could have one of my hugs again, and look for a photograph documenting such a moment that would trigger those wonderful feelings that only a mother's embrace can, but come away empty handed?  Or what happens when your children have grown and flown the nest and you'd love to relive those days of them being at home?    How about when grandchildren or great grandchildren want to know what you're like?  Photos have such a way of transporting us back in time.  We can look at an image and in an instant the memories surrounding that moment come back to us in great detail.  We can look at an image and discover more about who our family was in the past and where we have come from.   


I decided that I was done with not being in the frame for my family, so I'm making a conscious effort to document our days, and be present with them.  I am giving my future self and them a gift to last.  I figured I'd share some of my own family images with you from a recent session just playing with my son on our bed.  


Sarah Marsden of Sacred Beginnings enjoys capturing the love of family and newborns in and around Nottingham with her photography


Be it for birth, newborn or just a family session, I'm happy to be your family historian documenting the real, the raw, the every day for your family too.  Get in touch and give your family the gift of memories for a lifetime.   


Sarah x